Hello! I’m Skye and I’ve been photographing & recording a variety of subjects since a very young age. My company is based out of Tampa, FL USA. I am without a doubt a crazy cat lady, so pet photo shoots are always welcome here! I photograph & record a multitude of subjects including foods, inanimate objects, nature, weddings, portraits, candid moments & more! My goal is to create a fun and comfortable environment in every session, in order to bring out all my clients’ unique personalities. Nature and distinctive art often make up the scenery in my pictures & videos, and I like to use natural light to capture the beauty, emotion, and color of the moment. I spend a lot of time with clients, researching the perfect scenery and techniques to get the most genuinely YOU photos I can possibly take. Phokus Imagery’s main goal is to capture moments that will reflect the most personality and feel the most genuine to each individual client, and we won’t stop until we get them! Take a look around and check out what we’ve been up too here and on social media!

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